OSF - Real-Time Sampling Device
for wastewater treatment plants

the low maintenance

Real-Time Wastewater Sampling Device

I was immediately convinced by the durability of the components and the simplicity in maintaining the system.

The cost-effective method of filtrate sampling

The OSF real-time wastewater sampling device provides a low-cost and effective method of supplying filtrate for all online measuring devices on sewage treatment plants.

Simple in construction – effective in function

The uncomplicated yet efficient design of the OSF sampling device facilitates a reliable and cost-effective way to supply measuring instruments with filtrate. The filtrate required for online measuring devices can be obtained directly by the OSF device via the sample probe. The special separation filter makes it possible to separate and pump only very small filtrate matter instead of sludge. For this purpose, the separator is immersed from its mount on the on the brim of the tank into the medium that is to be measured. The filtrate, which is free of solids, is then transported to the measuring device with a magnetic dosing pump.

Flat filter element

  • measurements: 350 x 450 mm
  • Filter capacity adjustable up to 900 ml/h
  • pipe connection and filter unit are fixed by a stainless steel holder (1.4301 steel)

Control Unit

  • wall installation within a building or directly where filtrate is taken
  • GFK-housing 400 x 600 x 200 mm (W x H x D)
  • Magnetic membrane dosing pump, pressure gauge, PLC, transformer, terminal box
  • cable and hose connection
  • Electricity supply 230 V/ 50 Hz, 20 W
  • Internal and external installation

Filtrate Pipeline

  • For distances up to 30 metres
  • Adjustments on the local setting included
  • Accompanying heating available for operation in freezing conditions

Connection options

  • compatible with the current measuring instruments on the market
  • possible operation of several measuring instruments with one OSF
  • 4 mm or 6 mm connections


  • Very low energy consumption
  • High filter lifetime
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • No need for cleaning chemicals
  • No obligation for maintenance or spare part