BioCon - Biology Control System
for wastewater treatment plants

the intelligent tool for your
safe continuous operation

Biology control system

I would have never thought how easy it can be to ensure a safe wastewater plant operation.

A safe, continuous operation is important for every wastewater treatment plant worldwide. To ensure an operational safety in combination with other possible objectives your plant has to fulfil, KLEINE developed BioCon, an intelligent tool that allows to realise the following objectives:

  • Safe, continuous operation
  • Automatic adjustments under changing conditions
  • Less operating costs
  • Stabilised cleaning performance
  • Improved discharge values
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less costs for coagulants
  • Increased transparency of the whole process
  • Perfect sludge conditions for MBR usage

Every wastewater treatment plant is individual due to its particular input such as wastewater from municipalities, agriculture or industry. Furthermore, the objectives for the discharged water can differ depending on how the cleaned water will be used.


With BioCon you can choose which parameter is important for your plant process. You can choose between four different control units and define your objective for each of them.


All chosen BioCon control units interlink and are combined to a balanced control strategy - always considering your individually set objectives.