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Automatic sludge water discharge system

The number one solution for the safe and efficient disposal of sludge water!

Effective sludge thickening through a targeted systematic water discharge system.

The TAS automatic sludge water discharge system works with ultrasonic technology. This facilitates a particularly effective sludge thickening by discharging sludge water systematically and without cleaning.

[Translate to english:] Automatische Trübwasserabsaugung / Trübwasserabzug

Our sludge thickening process is 60% more efficient

Application and aims of TAS

The TAS automatic sludge water discharge system can be applied to nearly all forms of sludge, includingpre-sewage sludge, primary sludge, surplus sludge or sludge from the digestion tank. It offers optimum results for municipal as well as industrial wastewater treatment plants aiming to:

  • improve the degree of thickness of the sludge
  • increase the storage capacity of the sludge tank
  • obtain significant cost savings associated with further sludge processing, subsequent sludge transport or sludge disposal
  • improve the operational safety of the biological purification process by pre-selecting the sewage density which can vary over the course of the day
  • reduce time-consuming manual input to discharge sludge water