Technical information

The connection of BioCon to our wastewater treatment plant was easier than I thought

Heart of the biology control system BioCon is the BioCon control unit which provides the actual control functions. BioCon runs on an operationally safe industry PC which is connected to an existing control unit via OPC interface. The existing PLC system is overlayed by BioCon i.e. it receives and executes the signals of BioCon. In case of emergency, the standard PLC system always functions as a back-up system.


Depending on the control units you have selected (aeration, sludge, energy, phosphor) BioCon requires specific measured process values such as:

  • oxygen
  • ammonium
  • temperature
  • amount of intake
  • dry substance
  • nitrogen
  • redox

BioCon tracks and optimizes these values matching them with corresponding control signals which are based on our BioCon controls logic that learns and adapts its strategy continuously to the individual conditions of the plant. Altogether it develops a holistic control strategy that will reflect your plant’s needs and objectives.