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How it works

Finally, a fully automated and reliable automatic sludge water discharge system!

[Translate to english:] Trübwasserabsaugung Funktionsweise
  • For the detection of sludge water layers, the automatic sludge water discharge system moves up and down within the filled part of the tank, driven by the suction unit.
  • As soon as a layer of sludge water is detected, the suction unit initiates the sucking process until the layer is completely eliminated. This process is automatically repeated in each layer of sludge detected.
  • Once the entire tank has been assessed, the suction unit returns to its default waiting position until the next manual, automatic or remote start is initiated.


Suction unit

[Translate to english:] Trübwasserabsaugung Absaugteil
  • At the heart of the automatic sludge water discharge system is the suction unit that consists of a submerged pump and a sludge water sensor. The suction unit can be driven up and down within the tank by a stainless-steel hoist.

Principles of measurement

[Translate to english:] Trübwasserabsaugung - Ultraschall Sensor
  • The ultrasonic measuring principle of the sludge water sensor ensures long-term cleaning and maintenance-free operation.
  • Due to the colour - independence, sludge water density of all kinds can be reliably detected.
  • The sludge water detection is carried out via a freely adjustable density threshold value, which is variable over the course of the day.

Control Unit

[Translate to english:] Trübwasserabsaugung Steuerschrank

  • Depending on the tank design and the customer requirements, there is some flexibility in how the control unit is attached to the tank. 
  • With highly visible status lights and intuitive function buttons for the most important system functions, the control unit is quick and convenient to use.
  • The touchscreen version shows information on:

    • the program sequence
    • the  plant parameter settings
    • maintenance data
    • statistical data on run-times and quantity of water discharged
    • graphical profile evaluation of the sludge water density distribution in the tank.


  • Due to the flexibility of the design, the unit can be adapted to fit almost any type of tank.
  • The covered gearbox is attached at a height which allows easy access for maintenance works.
  • The freely swingable and extendable arm allows exact positioning of the suction unit.
  • The attachment to the tank can be carried out with a stand or a clamp.